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The Case for Athletic Facilities at Central High School

5000 Warrior Drive
Norton, Virginia 24273

For many decades, there were six high schools in Wise County, Virginia. In 2011-2012 the six schools were 

consolidated into three high schools. J. J. Kelly and Pound High Schools came together to form the new Central 

High School. 

The Wise County School District allocated $25,000,000 for the construction of the new school which is located at 5000 Warrior Drive, Norton, Virginia 24273. Central High School did not have sufficient monies allocated for their athletic facilities. 

The new high school was opened in January 2014 and did not include all athletic facilities and a committee was formed to address the needs for the unfunded part of the athletic facilities. To raise the necessary funds to secure the building of the following facilities (listed in suggested priority order as 
determined by the school administration and the committee):

1. Field House (concession stand, locker rooms, and weight training room for all sports). Cost: $762,000 

2. Home bleachers, press box, and lights for the football field. Cost: $999,720 

3. An eight lane track around the football field. Cost: $300,000 

Through generous contributions and the help of primary benefactors (Richard and Leslie Gilliam) and with the generous help of contractor Tommy McAmis, the first three items on the list were completed. However, the following items are in need of financial contributions:

4. Softball field. Cost: $450,000 

5. Tennis Courts. Cost: $360,000 

6. Baseball field. (Update existing field) Cost: $402,000 

Total estimated cost for the entire project was $3,273,720

The committee is very grateful for the allocated $25,000,000 to build the new school building that includes all instructional areas (including the gym which is considered a classroom for Physical Education classes). The committee is also aware of the relationship of academics and athletics and the role of the student-athlete. For many students being able to participate in athletics is the single most motivating factor that keeps them in school. 

Naming privileges are available for the individual or company that donates all or a majority of the funds needed for the remaining facilities.

Support the Central High School Warriors! Help to fund the additional $1,273,720 that is still needed for the rest of the CHS Athletics Facilities.

Please donate to the CHS Athletics Facilities Fund. Thanks in advance for your monetary support to our students’ future.

Checks may be written to Central High School (memo: CHS Athletics Facilities). All monies may be sent to CHS at the address below or dropped off at the CHS office. For More Information Call – (276-328-8015)

Make Checks Payable To:

Central High School 
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Send Checks To:

Central High School
5000 Warrior Drive
Norton, Virginia 24273

Charles Collins – CHS Principal 

David Stanley – CHS Assist. Principal & Athletic Director 

Sena Treadway – CHS Bookkeeper