Alumni Organizations


Alumni Organizations

The Wise County Public Schools’ system has no money or server space for alumni web sites. The procedure of submitting names to a public web site left the school open to some liability from individuals whose information was submitted to the county’s site on the behalf of others. In addition, large databases use a considerable amount of server space and bandwidth used by members is very expensive. Therefore, WCPS only provides a limited amount of web site space for all the schools' main web sites.

As a gift to the people of Pound, Denise Gabriele and Frank Gabriele created and pay for the only official Pound High Alumni web site. The PHS Alumni site is hosted by a private business to which the Gabriele’s pay annual member fees. Through their generosity the 6,000+ people of Pound that are listed and pictured on the private site are welcome to join for free because the Gabriele’s are personally paying for that privilege. In addition, because each individual who joins the group is a willing participant, they submit their own profile and personal information to the site. The Gabriele's are the Pound High Alumni Administrators and the web masters for the site.

Wise has an alumni site for the J. J. Kelly graduates. J. J. Kelly High School has an official alumni web site that is hosted by a private business. The J. J. Kelly site is maintained by a J. J. Kelly alumni webmaster and contains names for graduates from 1940 to 2011. The J. J. Kelly Alumni webmaster is soliciting funds to keep the site open. If you would like to contribute or help with the  J. J. Kelly Alumni site please visit your alumni site at J. J. Kelly Alumni or contact the J. J. Kelly alumni webmaster using the contact form at the following web address J. J. Kelly Alumni Contact

Central High school is not responsible for the fees, space, or maintenance of alumni sites. Any concerns regarding or submissions of new information to existing alumni web sites will have to be directed to the individuals who are running those existing alumni web sites.

On the Central High web site, from time to time, we will probably post alumni related information. However, Central High School and Wise County schools will not be directly hosting any alumni sites and they are not responsible for previous alumni information that was posted on any of the high school's previous web sites or any future alumni web sites.

The links on this page are to the only official Pound and Wise alumni web sites.

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