Security at Central High School

To protect our campus, students, and staff,

Central High School has a security officer present on campus.

◾When the School Resource Officer observes violent, illegal or disruptive behavior, under the supervision of the Principal, the Officer has the authority to intervene, detain, or evict a student, teacher, or an unwanted visitor.

◾If the behavior or event is worth further consideration, the School Resource Officer also will contact the legal authorities and will initiate any further legal action.

◾While providing protection, the School Resource Officer also establishes a rapport with the student body. He can be our first line of defense to heading off violence related activities, drug use, and behavioral problems.

◾In order to help keep our school safe, students are encouraged to report any suspicious, illegal, harmful, or violent behavior to the School Resource Officer. For the benefit of all our community, students should establish a positive, open, and honest, relationship with our School Resource Officer.

◾By using simulation equipment, the School Resource Officer also educates the students about the harmful effects of alcohol.

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