Transferring to and From CHS

Admissions and Transfers to Central High School

Admission - Nonpublic Students - Full-Time Enrollment

Eligible Transfers Accepted

The Wise County School System is committed to providing quality educational opportunities for all eligible students living in Wise County.

These opportunities are extended to students who transfer from a non-accredited school, have been home instructed or approved for religious exemption from compulsory school attendance. If said county resident students desire to enter/re-enter the public schools.

Transferring From Accredited Secondary Schools

Standards for accrediting public schools in Virginia provide guidance for selected students entering the Wise County Public Schools. Regulation VAC-20-130-60-A (Transfer of Credit) states:

"A secondary school shall accept credits received from other accredited secondary schools, including summer schools, special sessions, schools accredited through the Virginia Council for Private Education, and educational programs operated by the state."

"Credit also shall be accepted for courses satisfactorily completed in accredited colleges and universities when prior written approval of the principal has been granted."

Transferring From Non-Accredited Secondary Schools

Policy J. E. C. C. provides guidance for students transferring from non-accredited schools, home instructed, and religious exempted students who do not transfer from the schools listed above.

Policy J. E. C. C. is designed to offer public school educational opportunity for students who desire to re-enroll/enroll at Grade K or above.

Policy J. E. C. C. will be processed as follows:


Children who live in Wise County and have been attending a non-accredited school, home instructed or religious exempted programs and desire to enroll in the Wise County Public Schools in Grades K-8 will be placed at the appropriate grade level as determined by the receiving school principal.

Children may be required to take a placement test in order to determine appropriate grade level placement. Standards of Learning (SOL) test results shall be considered in promotion and retention policies.

The principal is authorized to move the child within 30 school days of initial enrollment to a higher or lower grade level placement if the child's performance indicates the child is inappropriately placed.


Children who have been attending a non-accredited school, home instructed or religious exempted program in Grades 9-12 will be required to take examinations in each course for which they wish to receive credit.


In order for credit to be awarded, the child must take and pass a final examination and meet end of course S. O. L. test requirements established by Virginia's Standards of Accreditation which are required of students enrolled in the same course offered in the Wise County schools.

Credit will not be granted unless the child has been instructed for a full term (minimum of 140 clock hrs.)

E. - Transferring Credits For Full Time Enrollment

Students enrolling full time at a Wise County high school will be eligible to transfer up to a maximum of eleven (11) credits toward a standard diploma or twelve (12) credits toward an advanced studies diploma.

A grade of pass (P) will be granted for credits earned by a student from a non-accredited school, home instruction or religious exempted program. Such credits will not be included in determining the grade point average of a student.

To receive a Wise County high school diploma, a student from a non-accredited school, home instructed or religious exemption program must complete a minimum of eleven (11) additional Wise County Public School credits for a standard diploma and twelve (12) Wise County Public School credits for an advanced studies diploma.

In addition, a student must earn all required junior and senior credits.


Student must also meet any other requirements established by the State Board of Education.


Students who have been enrolled in a non-accredited school, or a home instruction or religious exempted program will not be permitted to compete for valedictorian or salutatorian honors unless they have earned a minimum of 21 credits for a standard diploma or a minimum of 24 credits for an advanced studies diploma from an accredited school.


Parents may appeal the child's grade placement to the Director of Instruction.

The parent has the responsibility to offer evidence of the inappropriateness of the grade placement.

If the parent is not satisfied with the decision of the Director of Instruction, the next level of appeal is to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent's decision may be appealed to the Wise County School Board.

The decision of the Wise County School Board is final.


Wise County Schools will screen all new students in the areas of Speech, Voice, Language, Vision, and Hearing within sixty days of enrolling in school.

Fine and gross motor skills will be screened for all new enrollees in grades K-3.

Students in grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 will also be screened for vision and hearing. Students will be screened for scoliosis in grades 5, 6, 7, and 9.


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