Union Primary School is a pre-kindergarten through fourth grade primary school located in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Following consolidation, Union Primary School serves the communities of  both Appalachia and Big Stone Gap. It is located within the Wise County Public School District and is one of three primary schools.  The school, built in 1975, is situated approximately three miles northeast of the town of Big Stone Gap within the picturesque view of the beautiful Powell Valley.  The school sits adjacent to the Jefferson National Forest along the foot of Stone Mountain and faces Powell Mountain to the east.  It is within the drainage confines of the South Fork of the Powell River which eventually flows into the Tennessee Valley Authority's Norris Lake as well as the Clinch River Navigational System.

Union Primary School is an enclosed classroom building.  The school library and media center is located in the center of the academic portion of the building.  The school has a cafeteria, gymnasium, and music room.  The school is also equipped with two stationary computer labs and multiple mobile laptop labs. Union Primary School has a large playground with varied playground equipment and a baseball/softball field.

The staff of Union Primary has an average of 16 years of teaching experience, and 33% of our teachers have 20 or more years of experience.  Thirty-one percent of our professional staff possess Master's Degrees in Education.