Career Technical Center

621 Lake Street

Wise, VA 24293


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Originally the Wise County Vocational School was established in 1941 and continued to operate in several separate buildings (known affectionately as the brick buildings) until the new Wise County Vocational-Technical School opened in August of 1978, under one roof, in an ultramodern facility housing seventeen programs.

Training in Vocational, Technical, and Information Technology has been offered to the students and community of Wise County residents for over sixty years!

We are now officially known as the Wise County Career-Technical Center a new name, some new faces, new technology but the same dedication to excellence in education!


The Wise County Career-Technical Center staff and faculty recognize that we are living in a highly industrialized, complex, and ever changing society. The school reaffirms its belief in the democratic way of life and equal education opportunities for all. We believe there are differences in interests, needs, and learning abilities of students. To address these differences, we must tailor the program of instruction to meet the distinct needs of each students.

We recognize that individual worth, dignity, and uniqueness must be addressed in the total physical, mental, emotional, and career development of a student. Through appropriate education and training, students will become responsible participants in their ecologic, economic, social, and civic environments. Our view is that the school's program should be flexible and compatible with the surrounding area. The program should address the educational needs of the community it serves.

Through co-curricular activities, we believe that students will become more involved in developing and expanding their initiatives, interests, and leadership abilities.

Students, upon completing a course of study, should have attained basic job entry skills necessary to acquire and keep a job. Additionally, students should be prepared for further educational pursuits in their chosen career field.



The overall objective is to assist the students in the development of skills, attitudes, and abilities that will assist them in becoming responsible participants in society.

Based on the stated philosophy, the education objectives include the following:

To provide instructional programs that contain theory, basic laboratory and/or practical experience, and manipulative skills necessary for entry level employment. 
To provide Competency Based Education for all vocational courses. 
To provide a variety of teaching techniques to compensate for various student ability levels and rate of learning. 
To integrate academic skills into the vocational curriculum. 
To develop a plan for student improvement based on student achievement and standardized test results. 
To foster attitudes of safety and safe working habits consistent with local, state, federal and industrial standards. 
To provide an information program to make students aware of vocational opportunities. 
To work cooperatively with the community to assess the strengths and weaknesses of existing programs and to identify new programs as necessary. 
To continue programs to involve business and industry with the school. 
To provide assistance to the instructional staff. 
To continue a program to identify, counsel and encourage students who are prone to leave school prior to graduation. 
To provide opportunities for all students to become involved in co-curricular activities. 
To provide pre-employment counseling and placement services.