Learning In A Functional Environment (LIFE)


The L.I.F.E. program provides students with special needs opportunities to improve functional academics and daily living skills in preparation for further vocational training. It provides specialized instruction in all of the core academic areas, independent living skills, community awareness, and career exploration. Hands-on activities as well as community-based instruction make this program an exciting option for students. The goal of the L.I.F.E. program is to provide individualized training that would make one successful in today’s work world.

Eligibility and Age Requirements and Time in the Program

To be eligible for the L.I.F.E. program, students:

·         should be in grades 8 – 12,

·         should be pursuing an Applied Studies diploma, and

·         should have an annual placement review by an IEP team

·         L.I.F.E. is offered to high school students for ½ day unless otherwise specified in IEP.

·         Attendance may be in either the morning or afternoon session.


The LIFE program is located in Fry Hall at Wise County Alternative Education Center (Building B) at 515 Hurricane Road in Wise, Virginia.

  • LIFE is offered to high school students for ½ day only.

  • Attendance may be in the morning or afternoon, depending upon classes needed at their home schools and the home school schedule.

  • Students may attend LIFE for up to two years.


Contact Dr. Daniel Roop, AEC Principal, at (276) 321-0051, or Mrs. Jerrie Adams, Director of Student Services, at (276) 328-8017.