Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES)


The Practical Assessment Exploration System Program (PAES) is a vocational training program for a certain population of students with disabilities. It provides a comprehensive framework along with the tools to provide students with hands-on educational experiences. The focus is on skills training and proper behavioral development within a work environment. The real work nature of PAES activities builds self-confidence and fosters independent work behaviors and problem-solving skills.



  • Students should be in grades 10 or 12.

  • Students are not candidates for a standard diploma.

  • Students do not currently possess the appropriate skills to attend the Career-Technical Center.

  • Participation in PAES will be included as a service in the student’s Individualized Education Plan(IEP).

  • A student may leave PAES at the end of a semester upon the recommendation of their case manager or the PAES instructor. The student’s IEP would at that time need to be amended to discontinue the service.



  • Students will develop job interest areas by exploring different careers through hands-on job tasks in five areas: Business/Marketing, Computer Technology, Processing/Production, Consumer/Service, and Construction/Industrial.

  • Students will be able to use the developed skills and knowledge to enable them to become productive workers within the public domain.



The PAES Lab is located in Fry Hall at Wise County Alternative Education Center (Building B) at 515 Hurricane Road in Wise, Virginia.

  • PAES is offered to high school students for ½ day only.

  • Attendance may be in the morning or afternoon, depending upon classes needed at their home schools and the home school schedule.

  • Students may attend PAES for up to two years.


Contact Dr. Daniel Roop, AEC Principal, at (276) 321-0051, or Mrs. Jerrie Adams, Director of Student Services, at (276) 328-8017.