CHS Objectives

Objectives for Central High School


  1. To provide a variety of learning experiences that will lead to competency in basic learning skills.


  2. To create an atmosphere of equal respect among the administration, teachers, and students which stresses the recognition of human dignity and worth.


  3. To encourage an appreciation of art, music, language, and cultures of the world.


  4. To utilize the physical facilities of Central High School for educational and cultural needs of the school and community.


  5. To aid the student in organizing his time and energies to accomplish the best results in academic and social activities.


  6. To provide opportunities to reason, to make decisions, to solve problems, to gather information, and to communicate.


  7. To encourage students to be self-directive, thereby forming a basis for self-discipline.


  8. To help each student accept his uniqueness as an individual and to guide him toward satisfactory self-fulfillment.


  9. To cultivate desirable emotional, physical, and personal health habits.


  10. To understand and practice the rights and duties of citizens in a democratic society.


  11. To provide instruction that is compatible with the students' needs and achievement levels and that is commensurate with academic and vocational goals.


  12. To provide opportunities for leadership, teamwork, service, sportsmanship, self-government, and good citizenship through a variety of clubs and activities.


  13. To emphasize the importance of and to reward student excellence in academic, vocational, and extra-curricular activities.


  14. To be aware of the changing needs of students and society, and to evaluate and adjust our school program often in an effort to meet these changing needs.