CHS Philosophy

Philosophy of Central High School's Staff 

The faculty of Central High School strives to provide the youth of the community with basic learning skills and to instill attitudes that lead to social cooperation and civic responsibility within the community. 

To provide a positive and progressive educational environment, the staff attempts to create an atmosphere of cooperation and equal respect among the administration, teachers, and students, and between the school and community.

Our desire is to encourage the student to develop a sense of responsibility through the problem-solving and decision-making process. We believe that by treating each student as an individual, we can create an atmosphere conducive to studying, working, and learning, and through this process student's concerns would be reflected. 

We feel that we must cooperate with the home and community to promote social, emotional, and physical growth. Effort has been made to establish and maintain strong ties between the school and the community, by means of cooperative work programs, advisory councils, fine arts programs, clubs and athletics. 

It is our privilege to promote and to exemplify the fundamentals of American democracy through the instruction and practice of these principles. 

Recognizing that a pluralistic society allows its members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and social groups an autonomous participation in the development of their traditional culture and special interests within the confines of a common civilization, we feel that the student's formal education should prepare him to utilize all future experiences for his and society's benefit. 

Through screening, individual conferences, testing, and evaluation, coupled with a flexible curricula, we strive to meet individual differences and abilities by incorporating varied teaching materials and techniques. 

In conjunction with the academic offering, we believe that a broad-based student activities program is invaluable in the education and development of the whole person. 

Based on a commitment to Virginia's Standards of Learning and Standards of Quality, the development of the annual school plan and the six-year plan reflect changes in society; subsequently, curriculum changes occur. Through these curriculum changes, we strive to help students adapt to change in society. 

If the student takes advantage of the educational opportunities provided for him by Central High School, he should have adequate skills and knowledge to seek advanced study or employment upon graduation.