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Emergency Procedures Used at Central High School

Emergency Procedures 

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Lockdown Procedures

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Tornado Procedures

Emergency Procedures - Description of emergency procedures and escape routes.

Fire drills will be held periodically and all classroom windows and doors should be closed. All students and personnel should evacuate the building according to the fire drill evacuation diagram.


Evacuation Drill/Fire Drill Procedures 

  1. When the fire alarm is activated all students shall exit the room single file and follow the designated evacuation route on the fire map that is posted in every room.

  2. Teachers shall take their role/grade book with them as they exit the room/building.

  3. Teachers will ensure that all windows are closed, all lights are turned off, and the door is closed as they exit the classroom.

  4. Each teacher shall have their class line up single file and call the roll. If a student (s) is unaccounted for the teacher shall notify the appropriate personnel (s) immediately.

  5. In the case that the building is declared unsafe due to a spreading fire, each teacher will take their class to the designated places on the incident commander’s direction.

  6. Students and faculty will then be bused to a safe location.

  7. If the building is declared safe or if a practice fire drill has been performed, a single bell will ring over the intercom system for identification to the students, teachers, and staff to enter the building again.

  8. Fire drills are required to be conducted periodically.

Tornado Drill Procedures

The tornado alert message will be heard over the PA system, this is a Tornado drill

  1. Close all windows to classrooms, and turn off all lights when exiting the room.

  2. All classes will exit their rooms and will follow the outlined plan. Students should remain quiet and walk in a single file to their designated rooms or areas.

  3. Close the door when the last person enters the designated area.

  4. Each teacher shall take roll to make sure all students are accounted for. Individuals shall stay away from all windows and doors.

  5. While waiting for a tornado to pass, use the following steps when in your safe area:

    1. Sit on the floor.

    2. Try to stay calm.

    3. Stay against walls away from doors & windows as much as  possible.

    4. All windows & doors must be closed.

    5. When sitting, students should pull knees to your head & cover your  eyes and face.Tornado drills will be conducted a minimum of one  per school year.

Please refer to the Tornado Drill Evacuation Map for safe locations.


Lockdown Procedures

Lockdown procedures will be initiated through the intercom system by the administration.

  • Teachers will initiate their classroom lockdown procedures.

  • Students will follow instructions of their teachers and follow the procedures that are in place.

  • The administration with the help of Security and police will check each classroom and campus.

  • When an event is averted and it is safe, the administration will announce that the lockdown is over and everyone can return to what they were doing.

  • Teachers will call the roll and make sure everyone is in their seat.

  • Then they will continue with their regularly scheduled teaching instructions. 


Student Emergency Information

Frequency of updates

Emergency release forms are updated annually, at the beginning of each school year. Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to update emergency release information in the case that legal guardianship changes during the school year.

Storage method/location

Emergency release forms are located in the main office and accessible by the school administration, secretary, bookkeeper, and other authorized office personnel only.


In conjunction with the Wise County School Board, Central High School has developed a School Emergency Response/Crisis Management Plan. The plan that is on file in the main office of Central High is also disseminated to all of the faculty and staff. The plan includes the procedures for prevention-mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

School Crisis Plans will also be practiced regularly to insure the safety of students and staff of Central High School. Every effort is made to train our staff to deal with the various kinds of emergencies. Emergencies include but are not limited to: Fire, Tornado, Lockdown, and Medical.

During the school day, due to safety issues all doors are locked from the outside. All doors are designed to allow the students and staff to exit from the inside.

Fire Drill and Tornado Evacuation Maps for the auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium and the two floors are posted in each classroom for the following:

Central High Fire Drill Maps;

Central High Tornado Map; and 

Emergency Lockdown Procedures.