Medicaid Outreach

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Medicaid Reimbursement?  While Wise County Public Schools is financially responsible for educational services. When applicable, Medicaid, Medicaid Expansion, or FAMIS/CHIP-enrolled students, state agencies may reimburse part of the costs of providing the services identified in the student’s IEP if they are covered under the state’s plan for medical assistance and determined to be medically necessary by a qualified professional. The reimbursement Wise County Public Schools receives goes directly to retaining highly qualified professionals and for the purchasing of therapy/nursing equipment for our schools.

What is the impact of Medicaid Reimbursement through the school and students receiving outside therapy services? Many children also receive outside services in addition to in-school services. A child’s eligibility for and coverage of services received from non-school providers are NOT impacted and a student can continue to receive both services and both providers can continue to seek reimbursement.

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