Scott Kiser

Mission Statement

The impact of technology upon the world and specifically upon our society has been very evident.  This impact has certainly not escaped the institution of education which now faces the rather serious challenge of preparing our students for success in an ever-changing and highly competitive global environment.  

Wise County Public Schools is meeting this challenge by making extraordinary efforts to create and maintain an instructional and administrative system of technologies we believe to best serve our students and staff while existing within a reasonable budget.  We realize that application of technology into instructional areas must enhance learning and not be integrated just for integration’s sake.

Newer technologies are the most expensive technologies, yet the most recent innovations are precisely what schools need to provide for students since “current” technology for students today can be quite different by the time they enter the workforce. 

Wise County Public Schools will continue to build capacity for excellence by improving access to technology for all our students, staff, and communities. The educational leadership team realizes that priorities can shift quickly in today’s world and as a school system striving for excellence; we must be prepared to redirect our focus as necessitated by current appraisals.



To create a technology-infused learning environment where all students become motivated, self-directed learners who can work collaboratively through various technologies as evidenced by attendance and completion of meaningful academic performance and multimedia tasks that reflect higher-level thinking processes.



To provide high quality, on-going, professional development to assist teachers with the skills for integrating technology as a learning tool in all areas of the curriculum. To create and maintain a flexible, integrated, technological environment, readily accessible to the school system and surrounding community, enhancing its ability to learn, create, and communicate in the pursuit of academic and personal excellence.