Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Wise County Public Schools! We are blessed and honored to live and work in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia. Our school system continues to be one of the most successful districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with a strong track record of academic achievement and growth. We believe our children to be the best and brightest in our nation and are essential to the viability of Wise County. Strong schools and strong community go hand in hand.

The vision of Wise County Public Schools is to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive learning environment for all students that will enable them to graduate from high school with a background that prepares them for competitive work and/or postsecondary education.

Our students continue to perform at high levels not only academically but artistically and athletically as well. They demonstrate high leadership capacity and are service orientated. Our school system has much to be proud of, including fully accredited schools, and many individualized learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students.

We congratulate our students, educators, parents and community members for their continued support of all of our schools. We rely on our community support network and will continue to seek ways to work with all stakeholders to work collaboratively on all aspects of our educational system. We are a community that values maximizing the potential of all students. We are also extremely fortunate to have school board members, community leaders and parents/guardians who are devoted to the belief that all children can learn.

I am grateful to serve in the role of superintendent and I look forward to working with you. By working together, all of Wise County will play a vital role in making a positive difference in the lives of our students and families.


Greg Mullins, Ed.D
Wise County Public Schools