Physical Therapy


For more information, please contact:

Pat Baumgartner

Physical Therapist for Wise County Schools

(276) 328-8017

Physical Therapy is a related service that may be provided to an eligible student who needs developmental, corrective, or other supportive services to benefit from his/her Special Education program.

Physical Therapy services may be indicated when a student has a disability or a special need in one of the following areas:






Adaptive Equipment

Gross Motor Development

Neurological Functioning

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists assistants work collaboratively with a student’s IEP team to improve student access and participation in school and community settings.

Physical therapists provide professional expertise in the areas of:

self-help skills

foundational gross motor skills

mobility skills (transfers, walking, and equipment use)

posture and positioning

recreational skills for age-appropriate play

Physical therapy interventions promote skill acquisition and environmental adaptation and are commonly embedded within the context of student activities and routines.