WCPS Nursing Services


Joyce Addington
Wise County Public  Schools 

Wise County Public Schools Nursing Staff

Darlene Fields, LPN  

Appalachia Elementary 

Debbie Slemp, LPN 

Coeburn Primary

Cathy Dotson, LPN

Coeburn Middle

Vivian Meadows, LPN 

East Side High

Kathy Brooks, RN 

JW Adams Combined

Susan Collins, LPN 

Powell Valley Primary

Ellen Thomas, RN 

Powell Valley Middle

Tammy Horne, LPN 

Union High

LaDonna Cantrell, LPN 

St. Paul Elementary

Rosella Jackson, RN 

Wise Primary

Glenna Mullins, LPN 

LF Addington Middle

Donna Vanover, RN 

Central High

Gail Bryant, RN, BSN 

Alternative Education

Joyce Addington, MSN, Nurse Practitioner 

Central Office 

The Wise County Public School System is committed to providing care for its students.

School Health Services is an essential component of today’s educational program. Schools bring together large populations of students and staff with multiple needs in the areas of first aid management, detection of contagious diseases, routine medication administration and specialized health care procedures. The nursing staff serve as professional in-service trainers to other employees in the schools. Communication to parents, community and referring medical providers, regarding health conditions, is an integral part of school nursing services.
There is a fulltime nurse at each of the thirteen schools and one fulltime Licensed Nurse Practitioner that serves as the Coordinator for Health Services. Our nursing staff works daily to provide direct care to the students and staff in the school setting. 
School Nurses provide various screenings for students that include vision and hearing screenings for Kindergarten, First, Third, Fifth, Seventh and Tenth graders. If a student fails vision or hearing, a follow up screening (or second level screening) is performed. If the student fails at second level, a letter is sent to the parent/guardian, recommending medical follow up.

The Nurse Practitioner provides vision and hearing screenings for Pre-K students and students with disabilities. (A Suresight Screener is used for vision screenings and an Otoacoustics Emission Screener is used for hearing screenings). If the student fails, a letter is sent to the parent/guardian, recommending medical follow up.

Ninth and Tenth graders are screened for blood pressure, height and weight.